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Kristin Campbell

Kristin Campbell has written a horse training book for beginners, titled From Stride to Ride. How a beginner can take a horse that is nice on the ground and turn it into a horse that is nice under saddle.

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Producer: Sandra J. Sullivan

Cinematographer: Litah Campbell

Editor: Robert Upchurch

Production Assistant: Beckette Sullivan

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Kristin's Book is available on Amazon.

Click on image to be taken directly to Amazon.


Does it feel like you and your horse are speaking two different languages? From Stride to Ride gives you the tools to not only speak the same language, but to create a bond. Whether you are starting with a foal or with a horse you've had for a while; From Stride to Ride will teach you how to create the best relationship between you and your horse as you teach him to be ridden.

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