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Carole Mercer

Carole Mercer and The Dancing Morgans had the honor of being invited to perform at the World Equestrian Games in 2010. Since then Carole has acquired her beautiful Golden Morgan mares and started training them for Liberty. To follow Carole on social media please click below.

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Producer: Sandra J. Sullivan

Cinematographer: L. Michael Bouyer

Editor: Sandra J. Sullivan

Camera Assistant: Mary Chow

Production Assistant:  Beckette Sullivan


Carole's Book is available on Amazon.

Click on image to be taken directly to Amazon.


Travel from civilized, West Coast society to the rugged mountains of the west, and learn how determination can bring an independent woman from the depths of despair to achievements beyond her dreams, as a rancher, performer, and world traveler. Mixing cow-talk, horse sense, and personal revelations, Carole Mercer will lead you on a humorous, heart-wrenching, and inspiring ride through her personal experiences as she recreates herself again and again.

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